Web developer with national exposure sets up shop in Newport

Newport is the new home of a web development company that is helping the world's largest company navigate the Internet.

Zavoodi relocated to Newport in February of this year from Fort Thomas. Zavoodi's founder, Chris Brewer, started the company after leaving Northern Kentucky University, where he worked as Director of Online Technology in the College of Informatics.

Zavoodi's work powers much of Apple's education division both here in the US and in Europe, including the Apple Distinguished Educators Program, the Apple Regional Training Centers, and Apple's Campus Reps Program. 

Specializing in the creation of socially-intergrated web sites, Zavoodi leverages the expertise gained from working with Apple and its other Fortune 500 companies, translating it into an active representation of the Newport Business Association's mission — to serve local businesses.

Indeed, that's what Zavoodi has done with the redesign of this very site. Zavoodi donated its time and services to the NBA in an effort to improve how it communicates with its members and the public. Two students from NKU — Wyatt Nolen and John Branson — used the project as a summer internship to gain valuable experience. 
"This project has been a win-win-win," explains Brewer. "John and Wyatt really gained some knowledge, and they contributed their talent to a worthy organization. And the NBA now has a platform to communicate and interact with their members and the broader community."

Brewer joined the Newport Business Association as soon as he moved in. "I believe in the mission, and feel it's the responsibility of small business owners to help the city in their efforts to build a business-friendly environment."

Zavoodi has continued to grow as a business while in Newport, landing the contract to build an educational web application for a high-visibility New York City public park in development, and landing several other large projects.

Asked why he chose Newport for Zavoodi's offices, Chris replied candidly, "I love how eclectic Monmouth Street is. I found it a creative and supportive place to call home. I immediately found camaraderie with other business owners, like David Dalton at Red Hot Promotions. That's the secret sauce for a startup." 

We welcome Chris, and Zavoodi, to our business network!