Red Hot Promotions Helps Local Businesses Succeed

  • Posted by David Dalton
  • September 5, 2012 9:05:23 AM EDT
"We are dedicated to helping small businesses stand out."

Red Hot Promotions was founded in 2003 by owner David Dalton. The company is made up of a small, talented team of people dedicated to helping businesses with advertising products and services. Our many areas of expertise include: design services, brand management, promotional products and custom apparel.

Newport is saturated with history and it is no secret that we learn from history. You can look around and many of the things that you are trying to accomplish have already been done. The city had a remarkable heyday and the possibility of that re-occurance looms everywhere, furthermore the networking opportunities and close proximity to many parts of NKY and Cincinnati have helped our business reach out and be reached by others. 

Red Hot Promotions joined the NBA to give back, influence and help the city grow anywhere possible.
We are dedicated to helping small businesses stand out. With six employees, we understand the struggles and needs of small business, Having learned a lot in 10 years we want to share our knowledge with other upstart young businesses to help them grow and strengthen our economy and society.

- David Dalton // Principal